Criteria For Putting Names on the Memorial

  1. For the purpose of this Memorial the term Scottsville Area Fallen First Responders means an individual whose official duties include fire, police, and EMS  activities and who is actively employed on a full-time, part-time, volunteer basis by a town and local agencies, with or without compensation, to provide primary fire, police and EMS  protection for an organized jurisdiction having authority.This definition also includes local Virginia Department of Forestry, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS workers who retired or who are life members in the Scottsville Area. 
  2. The Tribute to First Responders  Board Members approval will consist of 1 or 2 people to approve the person  that has died in the line of duty or retirement or Life members of Scottsville VFD or Scottsville VRS. 
  3. When the Fallen First Responder is approved we will send them a card letting them know that their loved one will be added to the Scottsville Area Fallen First Responders Memorial. We will let them know when their loved one names will go on the memorial and invite them out to see the memorial. 
  4. If the fallen first responder  does not get approved then we would need to have a full member vote  to get them approved for the memorial by calling a special meeting or by text message. 
  5. The loved ones can apply  for their loved one’s name to put on the memorial by going to our website and feeling out a form, or by emailing. 
  6. The Fallen First Responder must meet the criteria by being a first responder in the Scottsville Area by being on the Scottsville Volunteer Fire Department, Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, Town Police or Local Police officer, Local Corrections Officer.  Who lived in the Scottsville area. Must have been a life member or who has work as a first responder before retiring.